19 Feb

Most prolific Gambling Nations

winnerIn many countries, it is legally allowed to play casino for money both in online and conventional casinos. There are a few factors that should be considered when deciding how much a certain county gambles yearly. The factor is basically the amount of money a country uses in this activity.

However, taking more than the money factor into consideration below is a list of the biggest gambling areas:

1. Australia

An average adult from Australia spends around $1,000 yearly on the activity alone, and up to two hundred thousand land-based machines are located in this country. ┬áThe most popular game is “pokies” with many websites giving reviews of the top games to play online, click here to see an example.

2. Singapore

Despite the first casino in South Asia being opened in 2014, Singapore has managed to out-gamble a lot of countries in a very short time.

3. New Zealand

Gambling wins from this country are exempted from being taxed, this is probably why this county is among the top most prolific gambling nations.

4. Finland

Finland is also on the top list of gambling nations with as casinos are known to be very popular in Scandinavia

5. Ireland

The final country in this list is Ireland which is also very keen on this practice.

These top 5 are by no means the only nations that enjoy gambling.  There are many Asian countries where the citizens enjoy gambling but the laws prevent casinos from opening so they stay underground.