29 Aug

Raising Guppies and Gold Fish in the Same Tank


The aquarium is beautiful to display of marine life which is mostly kept for entertain and learning. Some aquarium contains more than one species of fish and aquatic creatures which depends largely on the characteristics and environmental preference of the fish species sharing the tank.  One major question people who want to raise different fish species in a single aquarium ask is…….can guppies and goldfish live together?

Goldfish are cold water fish. They prefer cooler temperatures around 18°C while tropical species like their water toasty warm at about 29°C.  Although goldfish can stand warmer temperatures temporarily, they won’t feel comfortable kept in warm water all the time. And if you try keeping tropical fish in cold water, they’ll just become lethargic and refuse to eat. One of the many benefits of keeping goldfish is that they don’t need a heater; most tropical tanks do.

Goldfish and tropical fish have different temperaments.

Besides, Goldfish generate large amounts of waste which can be unhealthy for Guppies. Especially, if they are in a small tank.

Having Guppies and Goldfish in the same fish tank could mean you can’t give your goldfish a complete nutritional diet because you also have to meet the needs of your tropical fish.

Cleaning your Goldfish tank with a powerful enough filter to reduce waste and maintain high oxygen levels would be difficult because the water flow would irritate sensitive tank mates. Also, temperature conditions would be hard to achieve because your goldfish prefer cool temperature because your tropical fish are sensitive to cooler temperatures.


If you want to keep both species together, ensure that the tank is large enough to accommodate them and change the water regularly to keep the ammonia and nitrate levels low.
Goldfish like their water still and cold on the other hand, guppies, like their water warm and moving. If you put the goldfish in the tropical tank, they’ll survive but probably won’t be at their best; if you put the guppies in the goldfish bowl they’ll probably die before long.

Goldfish and tropical fish have different disease tolerances. Some diseases affect fish differently. Since tropical fish are a completely different species, there’s a good possibility that your goldfish will get sick from a disease that won’t necessarily impact your tropical fish. Goldfish also get diseases more readily under warmer temperatures than they would under cooler, more comfortable temperatures. Goldfish are ravenous eaters. They are likely to eat every food you drop into the tank. Goldfish aren’t picky at all. And because they feed so quickly and thoroughly, some tropical fish (especially the smaller ones) won’t stand a chance during feeding time.

That said, there are many hobbyists have successfully kept Goldfish and Guppies together but You’ll have to make compromises to keep both your Goldfish and tropical fish happy. Both fish species can be acclimatized to a higher or a lower temperature. You’ll have to make compromises to keep both your goldfish and tropical fish happy.