20 Nov

Miniature Pinscher Facts

Miniature Pinscher is one of the most dynamic and confident of small dogs. This can of German origin comes from several crosses of dogs and although it seems, is not the little brother of the Doberman.

The miniature pinscher has a predominant and strong character, and although he is very affectionate and sociable with his own, with other animals it is not so much, especially if he is not well socialized since a puppy.

In addition, it is a dog that does not stop and needs a lot of physical activity but still can live perfectly in a small house or apartment.

Today this pinscher is one of the most popular and beloved small dogs, although caring for it may require more effort than for other small dog breeds, due to the character and dynamism of this dog.


This dog is the reduced version, without defects of dwarfism, of the German Pinscher. It is small, with a square profile (body length equal to the height at the withers) and short hair.

Its lines are fine and elegant. The height at the withers for males and females is from 25 to 30 centimeters and the weight is from 4 to 6 kilograms.

The head is elongated, with a soft but clearly defined nasofrontal depression. The nose is black and the snout ends in a truncated wedge shape. The eyes are dark and oval. The ears are erect or bent, in a “V” shape.

Formerly it was customary to cut them to ensure that they are erect, but fortunately, that practice is disappearing.

The body is short, small and compact. The chest is moderately wide and the flanks are collected but not in excess. The tail should be in the shape of a saber or sickle.

The hair is short, dense, shiny and well attached to the body. It can be unicolor (red deer, red-brown to red dark brown) or black and tan.


The miniature pinscher tends to be a healthy dog and the breed is not particularly prone to canine diseases. Occasionally progressive retinal atrophy or patellar dislocation occurs, but not with very high incidences.

Obesity can become a problem because these dogs tend to be very gluttonous.


The dog training gives very good results with this race if done positively. The traditional training is not good for the independent temperament of these dogs and because some of the traditional techniques are very violent to apply them to such small dogs.

The clicker training gives excellent results.

29 Aug

Raising Guppies and Gold Fish in the Same Tank


The aquarium is beautiful to display of marine life which is mostly kept for entertain and learning. Some aquarium contains more than one species of fish and aquatic creatures which depends largely on the characteristics and environmental preference of the fish species sharing the tank.  One major question people who want to raise different fish species in a single aquarium ask is…….can guppies and goldfish live together?

Goldfish are cold water fish. They prefer cooler temperatures around 18°C while tropical species like their water toasty warm at about 29°C.  Although goldfish can stand warmer temperatures temporarily, they won’t feel comfortable kept in warm water all the time. And if you try keeping tropical fish in cold water, they’ll just become lethargic and refuse to eat. One of the many benefits of keeping goldfish is that they don’t need a heater; most tropical tanks do.

Goldfish and tropical fish have different temperaments.

Besides, Goldfish generate large amounts of waste which can be unhealthy for Guppies. Especially, if they are in a small tank.

Having Guppies and Goldfish in the same fish tank could mean you can’t give your goldfish a complete nutritional diet because you also have to meet the needs of your tropical fish.

Cleaning your Goldfish tank with a powerful enough filter to reduce waste and maintain high oxygen levels would be difficult because the water flow would irritate sensitive tank mates. Also, temperature conditions would be hard to achieve because your goldfish prefer cool temperature because your tropical fish are sensitive to cooler temperatures.


If you want to keep both species together, ensure that the tank is large enough to accommodate them and change the water regularly to keep the ammonia and nitrate levels low.
Goldfish like their water still and cold on the other hand, guppies, like their water warm and moving. If you put the goldfish in the tropical tank, they’ll survive but probably won’t be at their best; if you put the guppies in the goldfish bowl they’ll probably die before long.

Goldfish and tropical fish have different disease tolerances. Some diseases affect fish differently. Since tropical fish are a completely different species, there’s a good possibility that your goldfish will get sick from a disease that won’t necessarily impact your tropical fish. Goldfish also get diseases more readily under warmer temperatures than they would under cooler, more comfortable temperatures. Goldfish are ravenous eaters. They are likely to eat every food you drop into the tank. Goldfish aren’t picky at all. And because they feed so quickly and thoroughly, some tropical fish (especially the smaller ones) won’t stand a chance during feeding time.

That said, there are many hobbyists have successfully kept Goldfish and Guppies together but You’ll have to make compromises to keep both your Goldfish and tropical fish happy. Both fish species can be acclimatized to a higher or a lower temperature. You’ll have to make compromises to keep both your goldfish and tropical fish happy.


19 Aug

How to choose a new saw

The circular and table saw are one of the most basic tools to be found in a carpentry workshop.

And even going beyond the work on wood, an appropriate saw and quality can be used in cutting other materials such as concrete, plastics, and non-ferrous metals. That’s why if your workshop or your personal toolbox lacks a circular saw this guide will help make a smart purchase.

There are many options …
Whether circular saws or circular table saws, the market offers many options through which it can become difficult to navigate.

By traversing differences in characteristics, functionality, and size you can begin to define exactly what you are looking to buy.

Will it be used occasionally for personal use or are we talking about a tool that will face heavy daily tasks?

Is it a saw that will always remain in the corner of a workshop or will be moved from one side to another to perform tasks at home?

The answers to these questions will guide us towards the best possible purchase.

For this reason, if you are considering buying a circular saw for personal or professional work, you need to do your research. Read this guide besttablesawreviews.net/how-to-choose-table-saw for more info.

16 Apr

Dealing With Problem Dogs That Dig

A problem dog is quite natural and it can be fun. But in some cases it can become a problem.

I remember a guy who said to me: my dog ​​digs and makes holes all over the garden, it looks terrible, how do I prevent it from digging?

The first thing to do is understand why your dog digs. So we’ll start with this and then I’ll offer you solutions that are both beneficial for your dog but also for your yard.

Why is your dog digging?

Dogs dig for different reasons. In fact, your dog has many different reasons to dig and it is up to you to determine which ones are causing this.

First your dog can dig to control his temperature. In case of heat, it will find a little coolness in its hole. On the contrary, if it is cold, it will be sheltered and will be able to warm itself.

If your dog digs for this reason, you will find him quietly hanging in his hole, warm or cool.

Your dog can also dig to escape from his enclosure or garden. It’s pretty easy to know if your dog digs for this reason because the holes will be close to the fences of his enclosure or garden.

Your dog can also dig to hunt prey. It’s a bit harder to know if this is the reason your dog is digging because it has to be caught in the act. But if this is the case, you will see that your dog is hunting, that he is overexcited and that he has found a scent.

If you think your dog is digging for any other reason you still have two possibilities: he is bored or just because he likes it!

Dog digging to control their temp

digging dogIf you think your dog is digging holes to regulate its temperature, you simply have to help it out a bit.

There are many possible solutions depending on your budget and crafting skills.

In case of high heat, the first thing to do is to make sure your dog can rest in the shade at least some of the time.

Dog digging to escape

A dog may want to escape from its pen for various reasons, more of which can be found here http://www.bestdogcrates.net/escape-proof-cages/stop-canine-escaping/.

A dog that is not castrated may be attracted to a femal in heat that walks around, he may want to chase the cat or simply lack the psychological stimulation and want a little adventure.

The first thing to do is to make sure that your dog will get back to you quickly if he runs away. You should enter your contact info on his or her necklace or put a small medallion with your personal information on it.

Dog trying to bury stuff

For some dogs digging holes and hiding things is it’s fun activity of the day.

You can try to stop them but in this situation I find it a pity to stop your dog from having such happiness.

Why go against his instinct, there is another solution: a special space for digging. Choose a corner of your garden and make it the designated digging area.

You just have to control the area, to build a kind of sandbox with some wooden boards, concrete or for those who do not like home improvement they can just buy a kids sandbox.

Thats all we have for today.  We hope that you have a better understanding of why dogs dig so much.


19 Feb

Most prolific Gambling Nations

winnerIn many countries, it is legally allowed to play casino for money both in online and conventional casinos. There are a few factors that should be considered when deciding how much a certain county gambles yearly. The factor is basically the amount of money a country uses in this activity.

However, taking more than the money factor into consideration below is a list of the biggest gambling areas:

1. Australia

An average adult from Australia spends around $1,000 yearly on the activity alone, and up to two hundred thousand land-based machines are located in this country.  The most popular game is “pokies” with many websites giving reviews of the top games to play online, click here to see an example.

2. Singapore

Despite the first casino in South Asia being opened in 2014, Singapore has managed to out-gamble a lot of countries in a very short time.

3. New Zealand

Gambling wins from this country are exempted from being taxed, this is probably why this county is among the top most prolific gambling nations.

4. Finland

Finland is also on the top list of gambling nations with as casinos are known to be very popular in Scandinavia

5. Ireland

The final country in this list is Ireland which is also very keen on this practice.

These top 5 are by no means the only nations that enjoy gambling.  There are many Asian countries where the citizens enjoy gambling but the laws prevent casinos from opening so they stay underground.